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Oh my Stalin

Snapsvisan är en omskrivning av melodin Oh My Darling, Clementine
text av: Trad.
Mel: Darling Clementine

In old Moscow, in the Kremlin
in the fall of '39
sat a Russian and a Prussian
drawing up the Party line

Oh my Stalin, oh my Stalin
oh my Stalin Party line.
Oh I never will forsake you
'cause I love this life of mine

Leon Trotsky was a Nazi,
we all knew it for a fact:
Pravda said it, we all read it
before the Hitler-Stalin pact


Once a nazi, would be a shot, see
That was then the party line.
Now a nazi's, hotsy-totsy
Volga boatmen sail the Rhine


Now the Führer and our leader
stand within the Party line.
All the Russians, love the Prussians
Trotsky's laying British mines


In Siberia, in Siberia
excavating a salt mine
dwelt an old Bolshevik
who forgot the Party line


Party comrade, Party comrade,
what a sorry fate is thine!
Comrade Stalin does not love you
´cause you left the Party line.

Mel: Auld Lang Syne
Why should auld Bolshies be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Why should auld Bolshies be forgot
for the sake of Party line?
The Party line,
the Party line,
the line, comrades, the line.
You Stalin shot
the bloody lot
for the sake of Party line.
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